Samsung DLP Calibration - Once calibrated Samsung DLPs are among the most accurate consumer displays available. Read about about my experiences calibrating one.

Sasmsung DLP Gamma Tables - The gamma tables on Samsung DLPs have remained pretty constant over the years. Here you will find graphs of all the tables in my Samsung HLP-5063W.

HDTV Test Patterns - A brief guide to finding test patterns on HD cable or satellite.

Color Matrix Errors - Some devices, particularly upconverting DVD players, have color matrix errors which can dramatically effect picture quality. The most common variant of this problem is referred to as "green depression". Read all about it here.

Calculating Viewing Distance - What's the optimal viewing distance for a given display? Learn the math behind screen widths, viewing angles, and viewing distances.

DVDO iScan Gallery - A gallery chronicling the evolution of DVDO's video processor designs.


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