Are you looking to explore the topics presented on GADGETBENCH in greater detail? The links below are some of the most important links I have encountered on their respective topics.


THX Explained - An excellent, in depth explanation of the various THX technologies and certifications.

THX Home Theater Intro - A good overview of of THX's home theater certification. All the broad goals and some specific details are discussed.



Image Quality Issues - Does your display not look quite right? This handy guide will help you identify what's wrong.

How To Calibrate A TV FAQ - This is an older, CRT centric overview of display calibration, but its still a decent introduction to the topic.

Understanding Color Measurement - A good overview of color measurement technology from the human eye to the spectroradiometer. Every wonder why an inexpensive color probe is not sufficient for many calibration tasks? Read on.


DVD Players

DVD Player Benchmarks - In depth reviews of hundreds of DVD players with a focus on video signal accuracy and deinterlacing preformance.

The Chroma Upsampling Error - Did you know that a significant portion of DVD players on the market have a serious picture quality error? Read all about it here.


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